Monday, 6 September 2010

Kelli Murray

So basically... earlier in the year while I was an enthusiastic bridesmaid for the lovely Misty Moo I was busy scouring bridal and wedding blogs etc in search of inspiration etc... So on Green Wedding Shoes I saw this super cool, funky wedding and was enamoured by the craft and detail in this wedding...

It looked super cool and I admit that I am partial to blunt fringes and head bands so this wedding was off to a good start!!!

Then I saw the following accessories that each of the bridesmaids wore and were made by the Bride's cousin I think...

I love neutral/ warm colours so I was sold on these accessories - sign me up now - I want them all!!!

But it was the following picture of "the bride" which got me hook, line and sinker...

Turns out the wedding I was stalking and admiring was that of illustrator / designer / artist - Kelli Murray and now she's my favourite!

Obvo I had to check out more and I was happy with the artistic inspiration I found - Get in!!! I've been following her work for about 8 months now and I've seen lots of Kelli's work that I love not to mention the super cool events she gets involved in through her work. I shall post more of her work in future posts for you to also admire but in the mean while... bon appetit!

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