Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A glitch in the system... a loophole dare I say

As I mentioned yesterday my computer at work has an aversion to anything personal that requires a login except between 12:30 and 2... anything except my bank and it's pathetic balance... talk about salt in the wound... 24/7... like a dodgy kebab shop that's open to block your arteries and break your heart at any hour of the day so too is my bank... no not the bank and its services... just the vision of my balance!!!

I don't even have the comfort of socialising via my good friend "Facebook"... I've had to quit that cold turkey... it doesn't have the privilege of being accessed during those sacred lunchtime hours even... elitists. I keep trying though... to access facebook... on the off chance the computer has changed its mind... it seems to change its mind about enough things often enough... like whether it wants to turn on or off when I want it to. I regularly give it the chance to make up for its fickleness by seeing if it'll log in to FB... but it always says


Being denied access is never a polite subtle thing, it's always loud and bright... I once tried to access FB at another office and my entire screen turned lime green... vision a fire warden jacket... with some long shpeel in bright red... envision a fire truck... about how I'd try to access an illegal, inappropriate website - obviously... Oh well

So imagine my pure pleasure when the internet socialising addict that I am googled my own blog for a minute... couldn't access it via my FB page now could I... to see if someone had read... maybe commented on my blog. Expecting the lovely "Access Denied" image
my blog appeared!!!

(I wrote that in yellow... like the midday sun... to depict my joyfulness when it appeared!!!)

SO there I was scrolling through and I even had a comment... worth the 60 seconds of googling my own blog... (who does that, really, who googles their own blog?) Meanwhile...


(I wrote that in yellow, bold and capitals to depict my UBER joyfulness that I not only had a comment but that it was from Hayley) GET IN!!!

Like finding my balance on a snowboard I basically endeavoured to do the equivalent of turning on my board when I hit the button "Log in"... and did I lose my balance, did I fall from grace once more, did my head ricochet off the ground in a painful realisation that I had lost my balance...? a resounding NO! I logged in and here I am writing a post... I've been writing it intermittently for the last two hours -

Wahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!! Why don't you stick that in your pipe and smoke it Access Granters!?!?!?! Beepity Boop you!!!
(Insert gang signs)

An outburst you say... no ... I'm always eloquent and demure

Larissa's online identity and self expression reigns again... we've just got to find an audience to watch my show... Hi Hayley!

Cloaked in defiance Larissa posted her blog entry... logged in at 12:13!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

You asked for it!!!

In case you're wondering where I went... I got a job!!! YAY!!!

So I'm now working in the colourful area of Clapham ;-)

In their wisdom my work place only allows personal email/internet access between 12:30 and 2 every day and then after 6pm - I must admit it's in their wisdom.

Anyways my internet rations will soon run out. As far as the guitar playing goes... I liken it to when I was learning how to drive. I learnt how to drive a manual... what some people like to say a "stick shift". After a flippin mint flying start to my lessons I went through this phase where I forgot to put in the clutch when I was changing gears... also known as a fundamental part of driving... or not stalling for that matter. I seem to be experiencing the same occurence with the guitar... not that the guitar has a clutch.

During this time of driving dilemma I found comfort hanging out at the checkout where my best friend was working at Action... like Sainsbury's... While she would scan hundreds of dollars worth of groceries to a whole variety of characters I'd stand there sucking my tube of condensed milk... getting that sugary sweetness straight into the system like a drip... babbling on about how I stalled the car on a 3 lane motorway... as people blasphemed and gave me the finger...

Well I don't get the finger these days while I seem to be forgetting to hold down the strings on my guitar but it is still nonetheless stressful to fall from guitar playing grace...

I'm getting there slowly but surely and just last night I realised - forget the callouses and toughening up the fingertips... forget them... pretend you're playing with the bone of your finger. This mantra has improved my playing already... we're back on the motorway... and we're not stalling!!!