Friday, 7 May 2010

I'm gonna laugh while I'm alive and sleep when I'm dead!

I think it's human nature to complain about work and to believe that you'd rather be out playing than sitting at work! Fortunately, I work with a pretty good bunch at present so office banter and chatter is flowing at a pretty good rate :-)

Friday morning found my colleague sharing with us some facts about laughter courtesy of the Stress Management Society.

Your body cannot distinguish between a real laugh or a fake one... the positive effects on your body come either way.

Obviously this comment triggered a series of spontaneous fake laughs in the office to test the theory... I had no need to fake laugh once this started... I felt like I was stuck in a factory of laughing robots... which, upon reflection is quite a scarey image opposed to humorous.

Another fact which makes a mockery of gyms (look at me casting stones in glass castles seeing as I do have a gym membership) ...

just 20 seconds of laughter is as good for the lungs as three minutes on a rowing machine!!!

I know which I'd prefer!!!

Now the final fact that really got me going was...

The average adult laughs about 15 times a day. Whereas the average child laughs about 400 times!

This didn't sit right with me - I didn't want to be cast as a serious adult with no laughter in my life!!!

So... in all my wisdom to undermine "The Stress Management Society" I decided to create a tally of how many times I laughed beginning at 9.41am today. You'll be happy to know that 37 minutes later I had already laughed 15 times. My colleagues congratulated me that I was now an Adult - this then prompted me to laugh.

I did a little bit of basic maths and worked out that if I'm laughing at a rate of 15 times every 37 minutes that in a day I would laugh 584 times!!!

GET IN!!! Forget sleep. In the fine words of Bon Jovi-ish...

I'm gonna laugh while I'm alive and sleep when I'm dead!

Ed from the Lion King - a famous laugher