Friday, 15 June 2012

This corner of the Earth

Today while kicking it around Melbs I heard good ol' Jamiroquai busting out of the crackly shopping centre speakers singing "this corner of the earth". The lyrics made me think of MY little corner of the Earth here in Melbourne. Quite a fitting description as we are tucked quite far down in the southern hemisphere. For your viewing pleasure pictures of my home follow. Unlike the song I wouldn't say that this corner of the Earth is like me in many ways unless you consider me uncoordinated and peeling just like our many wallpapers!!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Finger lickin muffin makin good, real good

Over here at the Motel Mont Albert or Mont Albert Mansion (that description might be a stretch for my 2 bedroom unit) I have been anxiously preparing for the arrival of 3 of my besties from Perth!!! In anticipation and excitement for this weekend's guests I have been a baking... yum yum! Yes, me and the hummingbird bakery cook book have been reunited and are at it again.

Already on the menu - spinach & cheese muffins & for the sweet tooth banana & cinnamon muffins. Now while the savoury muffins sort of look like some sort of mud pie I made as a child I guarantee that they taste gooooood AND if you're not convinced maybe you should come here and try it for yourself ;-)

Monday, 7 May 2012


I often said to people that I had to sell my vital organs affording to live in London for 5 years. For those of you who may not be aware I therefore moved back to the land downunder and here I am.

My first stop was my hometown Perth - drenched in sunshine, beaches, mining companies, isolation and fortunately, in February - art!

Determined to live a cultured life despite the ease of arty London being so far away the Perth International Arts Festival, The Perth Fringe Festival AND the International Film Festival along with the sunshine nurtured & settled my wanderlust. Among many shows including Poland's "The Table" & France's beautiful dancing acrobat "Raoul" every day somewhere around Perth you could stumble upon Kurt Perschke's "RedBall Project".

"What?" you might say.

Yes, every day there was a giant inflated red ball that could be found wedged in alley-ways, stuck in door ways or, in my case, shoved under the bus shelter or floating in a fountain. I found it hilarious where this random ball would not so subtly appear. It was at times inappropriate and invasive like a loud dinner guest chewing with their mouth open. At the same time it was just quiet and innocent going about its own day to day business.

So enamored & charmed was I by the giant red ball that on the last day I hunted it down and actually touched it!!!

Photographic evidence follows...