Monday, 22 February 2010


Around the streets where I work, amidst the pitiful excuses for high rise buildings I've noticed quite a few of the above signs... 

"Danger: Men working overhead" 

One day, creatively unstimulated walking between buildings I looked at one of these signs as I never had before... what makes it dangerous, the fact that it's men working overhead? If it were women working overhead would it read "Danger" still... based on some of the signs I've seen in the city for, ironically, "gentleman's clubs"? (nothing gentlemanly about it)... it would probably say look up!  

Strong opinions about dodgy men working in the city aside I had a giggle thinking that men working overhead warranted a warning. I like to think if you want a job done right give it to a woman... you can also save money that you'd normally spend on danger signs!    

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sense-sational Saturday Cycling

Well, on the back of not working for a month I officially ran out of money... (this may also have had something to do with me going out to play with all of my visiting friends and feeding myself!!!) 


Well you know all good things come to an end, my money ran out and my friends left... there I was on January 25th ready to start my new job, broke and broken hearted after my roomie hayley left for Cairo... with only her bike left behind as a reminder.

As much as I miss Hayley - I honestly couldn't have survived without her legacy - "Bikie" to keep me company and get me to and from work. So with empty pockets I embarked on braving the London streets and riding bikie to and from work, well basically, as Forrest Gump might say, 
"if I was going anywhere I was riding"


The world of biking is quite intense and hysterical... well the world of cycling is intense and the fact I'm part of it is hysterical.

Now it's a fact that I take more from the blogging world than i contribute... seeing as blogs are the only remote social networking I can log onto at work. With that being said I have discovered a number of cute styles whereunto people describe their life and weeks so I am going to adopt some for you!!!

This is cycling based on the technique of "Five Senses Friday" I'm going to call it.... 

"Sense-sational Saturday Cycling"   

  • The roads of London and realising there aren't that many roads that you probably haven't walked or seen before... 
  • It has also consolidated that I want to work in shoreditch or farringdon... the heart of all things boutique, media, pr and coolness
  • Pedestrians looking vacantly in the opposite direction as they cross the road in front of me while talking on their phones or listening to their ipods - grrrr pedestrians!!!


  • Men, women and children yelling at me for any number of reasons but generally if I ride on the footpath or cut in front of them - my theory - a cyclist will never be as dangerous to a pedestrian as all of the trucks, buses, cars, taxis, fellow cyclists are to me on the road but you don't see me chucking a tanty
  • People... generally just obnoxious taxi drivers beeping their horns at me, when i go around a parked bus or the like - seriously, just go around me, I impose no threat compared to the threat you pose to me and you don't see me beeping my horn or even ringing my bell!!!
  • Every form of precipitation on my body - yes I have cycled in rain, hail, snow and shine - typically, seeing as I live in London I have yet to cycle in the heat and lets face it I may never do so. I have however felt a burning in my legs whilst peddling uphill. 

FYI when cycling through snow it feels like you're being whipped in the face or maybe even that your eye will be taken out - seriously! 

  • the sweet smell of a shisha from an arab restaurant on my way home - not that i endorse smoking at all but when I'm a bit lost on the dark back streets I know I'm not too far from Edgware Road, my beacon of direction!


  • A lot of food. I generally eat like I have a hollow leg at the best of times but with all the cycling and the energy that you need/ burn I'm ravenous and justify eating any/ everything
Another technique for describing one's week is through numbers - if I were going to use such a technique it would go a little something like this...

4 - the number of times I feel like I've given birth to a bike when I've ridden over a pothole 


Just pause and think about it - Sense-sational isn't it!!!???